Arte y Cultura

Wall art

Saturday and Sunday we attempted to see as many art and culture spots as possible. In Mexico, and Latin America in general most things are closed Monday.

There are many unique and beautiful murals all over the city. I didn’t take any good pictures so you will have to go and see them yourself.

Saturday evening we joined a group to learn some history of the Luche Libre culture and try our hand at designing a mask.

Luche Libre mask making
Candace creates a Luche Libre mask.

The event took place at the 90 year old original Luche LIBRE stadium. It was small and filled with people of all ages. Our host told us it is okay to yell anything you like at the performers, as long as it’s horrible insults. Sure enough, even grandmothers were insulting the wrestlers they didn’t like and grinning about it after.

Live Luche Libre!
The guy with the belt is, of course the champion, Mistico!
A quick video I took so you know why Mistico is the champ.

The winners!
The winners! Mistico remains numero uno!

We were looking forward to visiting the house of artist Frida Kahlo. Unfortunately many others are as well. It was sold out until the day we were scheduled to leave Mexico City.

Fortunately, a short walk through a pretty neighborhood is the Leon Trotsky house. A very interesting and historically important place.

This out of place item, located in old town is known as the Ottoman Clock. Donated in 1910, it was a symbol of gratitude to Mexico for welcoming many Arab immigrants from territories making up what at the time was the Ottoman Empire.

Part 2 coming soon…


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