Roma Norte

We stayed in the Roma Norte neighborhood of Mexico City located in the Cuauhtémoc borough.

Roma is a great mix of modern hipster bars and restaraunts, classic historical architecture, parks and tiendas. It is safe, populated mostly by locals and very walkable.
We walked a lot!

Wealthy bankers, doctors and Europeans built massive houses in the early 1900’s with ornate fixtures and doorways. Some of them can still be found today.

Dragon sconce
Ornate aristocratic finishes
Dragon light sconce
What true aristocrat doesn’t want dragon sconces?

Occasionally you will come across even older buildings.

Roma Norte has many, many places to eat and drink. A few of the businesses have been open for many years as well.

Elmore churros
Elmoro churros Established 1935.
Churros in Roma Norte
Sean, about to enjoy freshly made Churros in Roma Norte

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